Wednesday, 29 July 2015

my new suit plan

14/9/d it has lots of stuff that it makes it look like its a real jetback and the cap look like its started to go on fire and the jetback Flames look like there starting to go out of flames and the and it looks like a real jetback in my head and it did look like a real jetback
And it look like we're the flames come out it looks like in my head it was mettle but wen I make it look way better wen I saw it in my head and the cap in my head it look like it was on the ground and wen I make it it was not on and it look better with the cap not on the ground and the chest plate look in my head it look metal but wen I make  it I shrapait it so it look metal

I got some old pants from home and stuck electric wiring on then with the hot glue gun. (It hurts when you get burnt with the hot glue.) On my t-shirt I made an electric board with cardboard that I spray painted silver and then stuck it on with the hot glue gun. For my jet pack I got cardboard, rolled it up, glue it together.  I made another roll too.  I painted one silver and the other one blue. I found some red and white fabric that glued to the back of my jet pack. That went over my arms so the jet pack would at stay on my back.