Sunday, 28 February 2016

active listening

Descripiton: we have been learning about listening there are 3 listening (busy listening)                    (me-to listening) and (active listening)


me to listening is wenn someone is talking and somesome and the other person comes in the with talk without leting them talk)
busy listening)wen someone is talking and the other person is not listening)

active listening) its wen the person listenings to the person that talking and not playing around 

feedback:i think it was a bit quiet and that it was really windy

feedforward:i think you did really good work and at the end it was good that people could hear you.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Treaty of Waitangi Post

We learned about the treaty of waitingi in class. We watched a video and made some questions and then we answered them. We decided how we wanted to present our project. I chose to draw a comic.


Big Idea: 
I learnt that the Maori people disagreed to sign the treaty because it was written in English. The English people tried to translate the treaty, but there were some words that didn't make sense, so there has ben lots of arguing ever since. The maori people wanted to trade the land for guns, blankets and protection. 

i think you did good with your drawing and your explaining but next time i think you need to work on numbering what happened. #jonty

I think I am in Uni on the rubric below becuase I included 2 bits of information. Next time I will try for Multi and get more work done in time.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


this is my math that we did we cards

One word 2016

My one word for  2016 is Trust  because i need to trust more people.with my work and i need to trust myself

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

waitangi day

                                   solo treaty waitangi

how and why did waitangi day 
why did they make waitangi day?

that waitangi day start in 1840
and 40 chefs that side the treaty
and some copes were made by hand  whlle 200 copes
and the sigling the treay was in 1947
Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savageshaking hands with a Maori man at the New Zealand Centennial Exhibition in 1940.