Wednesday, 22 June 2016

E T reo post

Descrpition:ever monday when the people are going kapahaka we do E T roe we learn abut maori fruit and we lern a song its called aroteror its a maori song and we try out the words and
understand the song and at the start when we first did the song we have to go on the maori tranceand figner  out what
the word mean


Feedback/feedfoward: I think you did a good job on learning the song and being confident to sing it. Next time you could learn the lyrics. -Zara
evaluation: i know the chores really well and i dont really know the verses

interschool post

description: I went to interschool on the 16 of june we had to run 3 km its was muddy and it had a lot of horse poo and there were hill that were hard to get up and haybarells near the end and we had to go down big hills and it was a challenge and my goal for it was to came
 in the top 50 and i did i came 48


evaluation:i think i need to do a bit better and i think i need to had more info

feedback:i think you did well and you followed   your goal and you never gave up
feedfoard:i think you can get a better photo and if you can make it a little bit bigger

Monday, 6 June 2016

cross contry goal

today we have cross contry and my goal is to come in the top five to get into intorschool becuase if you get into top 5 you go into intorschool annd you race over schools and im going keep my pastmy past up and dont go to fast aand lose lots of enagey