Thursday, 25 August 2016

Writing Portfolio Sample 'Double Back Fired'

Description: We watched a video about Tennis Balls being made.We had to record words that came to mild and as we were watched an then we wrote it in our book and you made a story that the words that you had on your paper. Here is my list of words:

The words I chose were: Jawbreaker, Chocolate, Lots of Money.


Evaluation:i think i need to go back and read back

Feedback/Feedforward: i think you did good with it but you need to add more info :chase

link to the video

Monday, 22 August 2016


description:we did this measurement and we had to see what you will chose  an how you answer it you got 4 things to choose i chose 50c in a 1 liter milk bottle an there were more to do an this is what i did

book buddies

description:for the past 5 weeks we did book buddies that is you go with some one that is like the same as reading as you and you pick a book and you read up to any chapter you tell them that we will like read up to chapter 3 then you read up to that

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Panekiretanga portfolio

description:we put down in a slide what our three personal excellence and my is scooting and flips and soccer are my so we had to put a excellence meme that we made so we got a excellence meme and we made our own meme my meme is excellnce is not a skill it is an attitude


evaluation:i  think i did good with the description

feedback:feedforward: i think you did good adding the slides and you did the description really good :shaun B